Girl Gang is open to any fearless and daring female.

Anywhere. Anytime.

There are no leaders, you can set up your Girl Gang whenever, wherever.Your Girl Gang can exist for only one dare, or it can carry on for as long as you want.

All you have to do is follow the Girl Gang Five Fundamentals, in any order but preferably starting with Step 1 and ending at Step 5:

Step 1 – Gang of THREE (or more)

There needs to be more than one of you to be a GANG. Find a couple of other like minded females. Got three or more? There, you now have a GANG.

Step 2 – Don’t Just Stand THERE

Ok, you’ve got a GANG, who are, GIRLS. Now its time to organise. Pick a time and a place, arrange to meet. If you’re running the dare, don’t tell the others what you will be doing until you’ve met to do it. From our experience if you discuss the dare in advance, people will find reasons not to do it. But if you’re there and on the spot and ready to go, chances are everyone will want to do your dare.

Step 3 – Do the DARE

GIRL GANG is about taking up space and pushing your boundaries. Daring should not be humiliating or painful. Daring should be safe but scary. It should be something you would not dare to do on your own. Something you need a Gang around you to do, – it can be quiet, loud, in public, online, fun, challenging, stupid, silly, serious, chaotic, and, well-planned.

Step 4 – WHAT did you do?

Record your dare in some way. Keep it low-key. Snap it on your phone. Girl Gang isn’t about doing things for the camera, but it is about SHOWING OFF. Email your evidence to Include a short paragraph on what you did, as well as where and when. Look at past Girl Gang dares and you’ll get the idea. Your dare will then go up on the Girl Gang website.

Step 5 – REPEAT

Like what you did? Get a kick out of it? Enjoyed taking up space? Do you now have a strut in your step and a swagger to your walk? Then do it again. Recruit more women to your GANG. Keep sending in stories of your exploits. You are a truly daring and fearsome female.

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